You’re Brainless – Kenzo Blasts ‘Fan’ Over LDU Shooting In Masaka

Celebrated singer Eddy Kenzo has blasted a follower on Facebook by branding her as ‘brainwashed’ following her comment on his page. It all started when the Volongoto singer posted about yesterday’s incident in which a Local Defense Unit (LDU) officer shot dead two people in Masaka. In his post, Kenzo warned Ugandans to be very careful with the people who surround them since many turned into heartless individuals.

A one Mariam Paterah felt Kenzo was misinterpreting the incident for hate yet she saw it as political. “So you mean that he had haters that’s why they have shot him? …naye kasajja gwe webereremu nawe #its your Government killing our innocent people #lekelawo okwebuzza amagezzi yamba bana Masaka bano nga nze otuse message ewa dictator Museveni #nonsense” (literally meaning that it’s the government which Kenzo supports responsible for the killings and he should stop pretending that he isn’t aware but should instead help the ordinary Ugandan by delivering the complaint to President Museveni).

This didn’t go well with Kenzo who immediately replied to her. “Mariam Paterah okumanya toyina magezi imagine omuwala omulamba. Kati government ejiramuwa. Abantu bese byabwe ate muletamu government. May the Almighty show you the way otherwise your brain washed my sister” (You’re stupid. How does the government come in there? The individuals involved had their personal issues and you’re bringing in the government).

Mariam wasn’t ready to give up on her point as he accused Kenzo of ‘treason’ and tasked him to tell her who owns the guns being used in the murders. “Eddy Kenzo you’re also another refugee from Rwanda like your grand papa Museveni.  #walyamu ensiyo olukwe #one question please….emundu zani? #ate kati oli wano otusiriwalirako tumbavu munyarwanda gwe #you can even block nonsense” she added

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