south Sudan: 24 Criminal Soldiers Sentenced To Up To 14 Years In Jail

A court-martial in Yei has sentenced 24 SSPDF soldiers to prison for committing various crimes.

They were arrested and convicted of committing crimes such as sexual violence between 2019 and 2020 in areas of Yei River, Central Equatoria State.

They are also charged with rape, looting, killing, and selling of personnel weapons, among others.

“They were convicted for various crimes ranging from rape to looting and sale of personnel guns,” SSPDF spokesperson Maj.-Gen. Lul Ruai told the media.

According to the army spokesperson, the 24 convicted officers ranging from a lieutenant to a private.

In the Thursday court sentencing presided over by Judge Capt. Joseph James, the verdict was read out following two to four months of conclusive evidence brought against the officers.

Their prison terms vary from 2 to 14 years.

Among those sentenced is Thuch Majok, a caporal who was stripped to the rank of private, dismissed from SSPDF, fine 500,000 Pounds and sentenced to 14 years in prison for rape.

Others include Sergeant Andria Aguer, Captain Joseph Luiz, Santino Garang Majok, James Mayuen, and Corporal Daniel Anyaya, among others.

“The importance of the occasion was held is an indication that we at the SSPDF don’t condone the commission of crimes against civilians and the government,” Maj.-Gen. Ruai added.

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