Army Commander Refuses to Vacate a Civilian’s House At Judge’s Order, Threatening To Kill

Following a judge’s order to vacate a civilians’ house he has been occupying illegally in Nimra Talata suburbs since December 2013 massacre of civilians in Juba, a senior army commander has refused to vacate the premise and threatened to kill the officer trying to enforce the judge’s order.

The SSPDF commander, whose name has been withheld due to sensitivity of the matter, was accused of inhabiting the house in Nimira Talata neighborhood and when dragged to court in Juba earlier this year, he lost the case but said still he can’t vacate the house.

A senior police officer confirmed this adding that the police fraternity hoped that he would change his mind.

According to the police officer, the court had issued him with an order to vacate the premise within seven days.

When the seventh days lapsed, the police officers were involved to enforce the law but instead he refused and this is when he threatened to kill them if they dared to enter the house.

“We went to him this afternoon to ask him to leave this house which has been copying by force since December 2013. A number of police officers including me as well as members of the national security service, went to him to tell him to pack his bags,” he said.

“What we found is that he refused to leave and now he is threatening to kill anyone who would try to enter the house and this is the reason for the tensions,” he said.

This is not the first incident of an army forcefully occupying a civilian’s house as many people living in UN IDP camps have accused senior army officers of so.

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